Struktur data gendisk menangani informasi tentang suatu hard disk. Digunakan saat inisialisasi ketika disk didapati dan kemudian diprobe untuk partisi.

struct hd_struct {
    long start_sect;
    long nr_sects;

struct gendisk {
    int major;               /* major number of driver */
    const char *major_name;  /* name of major driver */
    int minor_shift;         /* number of times minor is shifted to
                                get real minor */
    int max_p;               /* maximum partitions per device */
    int max_nr;              /* maximum number of real devices */

    void (*init)(struct gendisk *);
                             /* Initialization called before we
                                do our thing */
    struct hd_struct *part;  /* partition table */
    int *sizes;              /* device size in blocks, copied to
                                blk_size[] */
    int nr_real;             /* number of real devices */

    void *real_devices;      /* internal use */
    struct gendisk *next;

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